Toddler & Children: 19 months + (in a bed)


Toddlers and children are always testing boundaries.  This package is ideal for families who could use some help to get their little one on track for healthy sleep.  We want them sleeping soundly in their own beds, whether for a nap or through the whole night! I’ll give you the education, confidence and support you and your little one need to be successful.


  • Private 1 hour in depth consultation in your home or via Skype.  We will review and make recommendations about your little one’s sleeping environment and discuss meals, daily routines, initial questionnaire results, and your sleep goals.

  • Your customized sleep plan, tailored to your family and your child.

  • Follow – up phone support for the first week.

  • Email support the second  week.

  • Successful Sleepers’ tips for continued success; covering teething, travelling, time changes, sickness and so much more!

Price: $650

Note:  There is a $75 reduction in price when you chose to Skype for the consultation.