Successful Sleepers Tips

To ensure your little one has all the tools they need for a good night’s rest and successful naps.

  1. Sleep Sack – A sleep sack (with a TOG rating) is essential to make sure your baby is sleeping safely and comfortably. The TOG rating refers to the material’s thermal insulation. You’ll need to select the one that matches the temperature inside your home. Blankets are not recommended before the age of one.

  2. Black Out Blinds – Your baby will sleep better, and longer, in a properly darkened room. Even the slightest bit of light can cause an early wake up. Light is one of the most important cues for your circadian rhythm. FYI – babies aren’t scared of the dark! (That fear can develop around age 2)

  3. Noise Machine – If you have a busy or noisy house, or live on a busy street, a sound machine can mask environmental noises and prevent sleep disruptions.

  4. Lovey - A ‘lovey’ is a soft, cloth toy for kids to cuddle up and sleep with. It’s like a stuffed animal, but without the stuffing! These can be very useful to cue your child that it’s time for sleep, and can provide comfort in the crib as well.

  5. Bed Time Routine – Establishing a repeated bed time routine will help your child understand when it’s time for sleep. I recommend a routine of no more than 30 minutes at night, and 5 – 10 minutes before naps.