Newborn: up to 3 months


Congratulations soon-to-be parents and new parents! You’re getting off on the right foot! This package will give you the tools you need to get your baby developing healthy sleep habits from an early age, allowing them to transition into independent sleepers and not falling into the pitfalls of “sleep props”.  We will also cover feeding, awake times and understanding your little one.


  • Private 1 hour in depth consultation in your home or via Skype.  

  • Newborn Starter Kit:  Your personalized road map to developing healthy sleep habits in your little one. We will discuss feeding schedules, awake and sleep times, routines, and naps.  

  • Phone support for the first week.

  • Email support for the following two weeks.

  • Successful Sleepers’ tips for continued success; covering teething, travelling, time changes, sickness and so much more!

Price: $425

Note:  There is a $75 reduction in price when you chose to Skype for the consultation.